If this lotion were used primarily for Leg Cramps, most muscle spasm sufferers would be at a loss.
    • Back and Neck spasms
    • Foot Cramps and Toe Cramping
    • Fibromyalgia Issues
    • Stiff and Sore Muscles including Cramp Prevention
    Use it any time there is a muscle spasm condition due to cramping. People continued to tell us this is their primary "Go To Product" for muscle spasm remedy,
    There Is Nothing Else!
        Keith DelPrete the developer of Cramp911
        Originally Leg Cramp Remedy, developed by a pharmacist Keith DelPrete, for his customers in a small town pharmacy. After years of listiening to.......Read more...
        one of a kind topical muscle relaxer
        One-of-a-kind muscle relaxer, a treatment for muscle cramps and spasms. People of all ages use.....Read more....
        benefit athletes, patients, everyday people
        Benefits perform at their highest level - to improving the quality of life for everyday people......Read more....