how Cramp911 began
    After many years of witnessing the benefits of our “Leg Cramp Lotion” sold at DelPrete's Pharmacy, DelCorean LLC was founded by a long practicing pharmacist, Keith DelPrete, with the intention of bringing this life changing muscle cramp relief product to the public. Years of experience creating and selling our “Leg Cramp Lotion” has been taken and applied to our muscle cramp relief product “Cramp911”. We now are committed to overcoming any obstacle to bring this product to the marketplace. 
    CRAMP911 muscle cramp relief lotion is produced in an FDA approved manufacturing facility, thereby ensuring and guaranteeing purity and quality. Every step during production is monitored and checked for accuracy and consistency. The manufactures facility also follows the guidelines of the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS) which also has its own high quality standards that they adhere to. This product is manufacturing in the United States.

    Cramp911 was planned to help people with legs cramps but later it was reported by customers that they were getting relief for other muscle spasm conditions.  People reported relief of back and neck spasms, Fibromyalgia discomfort, sore muscles, multiple sclerosis discomfort.  Matt Bayly, director of sports medicine at Lafayette College, has been using Cramp911 to treat muscle cramps for all sports programs since 2005 and gave me helpful information on the use in athletes.  People are still reporting many different conditions they are finding relief from where nothing else has helped.  See causes of cramps and spasms for more information.