Referred Muscle Spasms…it hurts here, but the spasm is over there

    Muscle Spasms can originate from an area different from where the pain is felt.  In simple terms, that means that the pain sensation in one area, for example a with a toe cramp or foot cramp, may be caused by a muscle spasm in the shin of calf.  Many muscles in the body are long and can direct the cramp message throughout the entire muscle.  That is why it hurts here, but the spasm is really over there…possible many inches away from the area of pain.

    Sometimes there is a combination of muscle spasms from differing areas.  To use the toe or foot cramp example, there are a few muscles in the foot that may be responsible for the muscle spasm, and they may extend up into the ankle or calf area.

    Cramp911, a muscle cramp remedy, when applied on the foot, the muscle spasm or cramp may not by eliminated.  That indicates that there is a muscle cramp in another area causing the pain in the foot or toe.  Cramp911 should be applied to the calf, shin and foot if this situation is experienced to provide muscle cramp relief.  Only a small amount is needed.  Treat the area by applying one or two swipes or and spread Cramp911 over the entire muscle areas causing the muscle cramp and spasm. 

    by Keith DelPrete