Age Group Triathlete and Cramp911
    come together
    Steve Elwell is a husband of 25 years, a father of three, an Ironman triathlete, road cyclist, a spin instructor who loves to inspire people to excercise and practice good health!

    Steve Elwell and his bike

    Steve was looking for leg cramp relief and found it in Cramp911 July of 2008. He spent thousands of dollars, with the best experts to determine why he was getting muscle cramps/muscle spasms. He was trying to get  answers to why cramps happen and  how he could prevent them with no success. Since his discovery of Cramp911 he has been an advocate and endorser ever since.

    Steve continues to stay in contact with the Cramp911 team. He competes in many events all year long and manages aid stations during triathlon events with a good supply of Cramp911. 

    Life Time National Cycle Operations Manager
    Life Time Regional Cycle Manager - Arizona
    Life Time Cycle Club Coordinator - Tempe Arizona
    Life Time Artistry Winner
    USAC Level 3 Certified Coach
    ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor