Endurance Multisport and Cramp911
    Relationship History 

    Endurance Multisport Information and Cramp911

    Endurance Multisport head coaches Craig and Erica Sheckler contacted Cramp911 early in 2010 to thank them for the positive first-hand experiences they both had with Cramp911 during their previous season’s triathlons, ultramarathons, and marathon swim races. This led to a discussion of how our Club members and coached athletes could all benefit from learning about the product, and a sponsorship was soon born. Endurance Multisport and Cramp911 are both based  in the Lehigh Valley of PA, making this partnership even more perfect, and allowing two local businesses to support each other. Our involvement allows Cramp911 to listen to direct feedback from our amateur and professional athletes, test prototype products and packaging, and gain access to the endurance sports community, all with the goal of creating the best athlete-friendly product possible. More information about Endurance Multisport..........