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    We are committed to providing a top-quality product to our customers. If you are not completely satisfied with Cramp911 for any reason, please follow the instructions below
    depending on where you made your purchase.

    Keith DelPrete RPh


    Failure to achieve relief for leg cramps and muscle spams or cramps could be caused by:

    There are two main muscle groups that constitute the calves:
     Gastrocnemius: The gastrocnemius is a hoof shaped muscle group.
     Soleus: The soleus is a flat muscle that gives width to the calves

    1. Incorrect Application - Cramp911 MUST be applied to the entire muscle group.
    2. Used for non-muscle related conditions
    3. Applied to the incorrect place. You may get pain in a specific area but it could be coming from somewhere else. The pain may be caused by a muscle contracting in an adjacent area.



    If you have any question or concerns you are welcome to contact customer service at 1-800-696-1490

    To receive your full money back refund:

    • Our Retail and Grocery customers ⇒ return the product with the original receipt to the store you purchased from
    • Our Customers Who Purchase From Online Catalogs ⇒ Please contact the company you made your purchase from for refund instructions
    • Our Website Customers ⇒ Call Customer Service 1-800-696-1490

    Refund instructions for our WEBSITE Customers ONLY:

    We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products.  Please keep in mind that shipping charges are not refundable

    All returns must obtain a return authorization. Packages returned without authorization will NOT be processed and will be returned to the sender.

    To obtain your return authorization (RMA), please contact us during our business hours:

    Monday – Friday  9:00am – 3:00pm EST @ 1-800-696-1490

    If a representative is not available to answer your call, the call will go right to voice-mail. Please leave your name, phone number and a short message. Your call will be returned as soon as possible, we are sorry for any inconvenience. 

    We need to receive the returned packages before we can issue refunds. If we do not receive your product we will not be able to issue any refund. Customers are responsible for returning their packages with the proper identification.   We are not responsible for lost packages.

    Refunds are made in the method in which they were paid. i.e.: if a customer used his/her credit card for the purchase, the same credit card will be credited

    Please allow 10-15 business day after receipt of your product for the credit to be issued.

    Please Note:
    We are only responsible for products purchased from our on-line customers. If products returned to us are not ordered on-line, we will not issue any type of credit and the product will be destroyed. Please refer to our guarantee.