All videos were produced and edited by our Cramp911 team. Some of the videos are incorporated into selected pages some are just posted on this page alone. 
    Application Methods: videos coming soon
    David Letterman Top 10
    Foot Solutions owner Stephanie Garrity
    Penn College Lacrosse player testimonials
    NAPS TV Health Awareness
    Ryan Bedford Masters Skating Clinic interviewed by Fox News,
    Cramp911 Sponsored
    Senior Fest John Chaya, VP of Marketing interviewing 
    Cramp911 users

    Steve Elwell, Triathlete, Arizona Triathon
    using Cramp911 at aids stations
    Sean DelPrete, experiencing abdominal cramps,
    gets relief from Cramp911
    Cramp911 Video, played in DelPrete's Pharmacy
    TV2 News Interview with Keith at DelPrete's Pharmacy