Back & Neck Testimonials

“This is the best muscle cramping applicator I have ever used. For about the last 5 years I have been beset by muscle spasms with no non-drug relief in sight that doesn’t knock you out. The minute I feel a spasm now, I apply Cramp911 (sic) and within minutes the spasm is gone and stays gone. I love this product….” Editor’s note: Mr. “C” told us he suffers from lower back, neck, shoulder and foot cramps.
Thomas C., Houston, Texas

Lower back spasms have caused pain for me every day for 25 years. One application of Cramp911 and I am pain free. Too good to be true, will this stuff make me worse if I stop using it? There must be a catch.
Wally, Minnesota

After an afternoon of serious yard work, I had an intense muscle spasm as my back muscles cooled down. I tried a sample of Cramp911 and the relief was almost instantaneous. I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from any kind of muscle spasm, cramp or general muscle pain. Finally a product that not just for raking the yard any more!
M.F. Pennsylvania

“I was sitting at my desk when I developed a muscle cramp in the back left part of myneck. It stiffened to the point where I couldn’t straighten my head. The pain radiated up to my left ear and then down the left part of my back and shoulder. I went home and begged my wife for a five minute neck rub. It helped a little but didn’t relieve the pain. I remembered I had samples of Cramp911 and applied it generously to my neck,back, and shoulder. Within 15 seconds I felt an immediate loosening of the muscles. Within five or ten minutes, there was virtually no pain and I could straighten my head. I avoided medication and ended up having a great workout that evening. Cramp911 works exactly as advertised. I highly recommend it.”
Robert Fox , Horsham Pa.

Yes I recently had been performing at Callaghan’s. John was sitting in with us and noticed me grimacing, I explained that since my back surgery in 2001 I have back spasms several times a week. John went and got a sample of Cramp911 for me from one of his customers. In short order I felt relief, it (the pain), did not completely dissipate, but it made almost unnoticeable. I just spoke to John about it again this past weekend and asked him to thank them for me. If I can be of any help please let me know, thank you,
Gene Sebesta, Jr, North Catasauqua, PA

I suffer from severe upper back spasms, to the point where I can’t breathe because the pain is so excruciating. I’ve been to the E.R. several times for the problem, and usually just receive traditional pain medicines or strong muscle relaxants that take forever to work or make me extremely tired. I decided to try Cramp911 at the onset of one of myback spasms, and could not believe it when within a minute the back spasm and pain had subsided. No breathing problems. No need to call for the ambulance. I’m still in awe that it made my pain disappear so quickly and worked so well. Now I carry the small bottle around with me wherever I go, and apply it whenever I feel a back spasm coming on or before I do anything that might set it off. I cannot say enough how much this has helped me get back on with my life and not live in fear of having to go to E.R if an attack happens. Cramp 911 is a real lifesaver!
Gary LaCroix

I came back from my a settlement about an hour ago. I had a splitting headache and the muscles in the back of my neck were tight as hell. I asked my girl friend to rub the back of my neck. She picked up the tube of Cramp911 that was on the kitchen counter and rolled it onto the tight area. After rubbing it in for about thirty seconds I told her to stop. The tightness was gone and the pain in the back of my neck was gone, too. I still had a headache behind my eyes but not at the back of my neck.
Bernard Daday, President IFC Systems

I’ve used (Cramp911) for back muscle spasms . It definitely eases them.
Evelyn Dreisback, Retired, Orefield, PA

I used (Cramp911) on a chronically tight and sore muscle in my upper back. The lotion gave me immediate relief from the muscle spasm pain of the sore muscle.
Terry Kates, Systems Analyst, Schnecksville, PA