Dialysis Patient Testimonials

” I am a dialysis patient who receives treatment two times a week. I applied Cramp911 around my ankles before my last treatment, and didn’t suffer any of the usual leg cramps I normally do. I am very happy with this product.”
Johnas Jackson, Texas
I am a dialysis patient. As hard as I try to avoid drinking too much fluid, sometimes especially in the summer you get overloaded with fluid. This of course makes the dialysis treatment so much more difficult and PAINFUL due to cramps! You can request something called a Hyper Tonic to help w/the cramps until 1 hour before you get off the machine. The problem is that the muscle cramps usually start @ the end of your treatment. I have had cramps so severe at times days later my muscles still hurt.Cramp911 has been a God send! Thank You So Much It is Greatly Appreciated
Catherine A. McAuley