Fibromyalgia Testimonials

“I heard about the Cramp911 on TV and I researched it online. I was so curious that I went to Walgreens and purchased the smaller size. My husband has fibromyalgia and I have loads of leg cramps and also cramps in my hands and feet at times. Well that very day, after my purchase, I had a leg cramp in the muscle on the right side of my shin bone, I grabbed the Cramp911 and it wasn’t but a few seconds and the cramp was gone!! My husband has also used it on his fibromyalgia pain and it seems to work for it as well. I will definitely keep a supply of this product on hand as well as in my purse!! Thank you so much for this great product.”
Susan P., Illinois

Louise called us from Florida last week to let us know she previously took quinine pills for leg cramps and restless leg syndrome. It helped her some, but when she developed shingles an early-stage fibromyalgia, the pills were no longer effective in treating the pains in her stomach and back. When she saw the recent ad for Cramp911, and called her local Walgreens pharmacist to get information and confirm that Cramp911 was in stock. The pharmacist took her to the Sleep/Pain section of the store to find them. She purchased the last two bottles. A first-time user, she reported it worked right away, relieving the pain, allowing her to sleep through the night. Louise called it “a miracle and blessing.” She applied it to her back and stomach,  said she was “thrilled” with the results. She then reported that she used it for her knee where it also provided muscle pain relief. She wanted to let us to know what a wonderful product we have and how many people will benefit from it. Thanks for sharing your story, Louise – from the whole team at Cramp911!
Louise, FL

Hi Gary, I met you last week at the Walgreen’s in Lancaster. We talked aboutCramp911, and I told you I would get back to you after I tried. At the time I talked to you about my Fibromyalgia and the muscle knot behind my shoulder blade that has been there for 7 years, since a car accident and arm injury. Well…I am in total amazement. After 3 uses, over about 6 days, the knot behind my shoulder blade is gone. As a result, I have increased movement in my shoulder. For the first time in 7 years, I am able to get my arm straight up, above my head. I never believed that I would regain that much movement in my arm, and neither did my doctors. Cramp911 has also relieved the general achiness in my upper arm. As for the fibromyalgia, I have been able to use it on my shoulders and neck to relieve the soreness and muscle tightness in those areas. I also rubbed it on my hips and experienced relief from thefibromyalgia pain in that area. I did all of this with only 3 sample packs. Wow! My only question is…Where can I buy Cramp911 in the Lancaster, York area??? I see I can order it on the internet, but I don’t think I want to wait for the shipping time. Tell your pharmacist friend that I am very thankful for his ability to create a great product.
Donna Doutrich, Ministry Assistant

I have suffered from Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) for thirteen years and have tried almost all of the products that I have seen, whether it’s been in a store, on TV or in an email. I’ve spent a lot of money and have gotten very little help in return. The most beneficial product I have used has only lasted about an hour and it had made me smell like a medicine cabinet. I was extremely skeptical of Cramp911 when I was given a sample but I thought “why not, I’ve tried everything else and nothings helped, I’ve got nothing to lose”. Since it was a free sample I figured it couldn’t be very good, if it works why give something away if you can sell it. My wife has Lupus and she tried your Cramp 911 first, with very good results! I was happy that it worked for her, but I was much more skeptical and reluctant to get my hopes up. Within two minutes after I applied your product it started working. I couldn’t believe it! I put your Cramp911 on both of my legs and the pain almost completely went away. Not only did it help with the pain but I didn’t have any harsh, chemical smell to contend with. I was so sure that it couldn’t work and had convinced myself that it wouldn’t work that when I found out it did work, it brought tears to my eyes! Finally, after all these years, somebody has finally come up with something that not only relieved most, if not all, of my joint pain that I had to write to you and let you know! I’ve done a little experimenting on my own and found out that your Cramp911 works even better for muscle spasm pain if I put it on right after I shower, when the pores are more open. I tell everybody I know about your wonderful product and have handed out samples to anybody that tells me they have joint or muscle pain, and it has worked for everyone of them. My wife has suffered along with me and is so happy that we have Cramp911, not only that it works for me but that it works for her too. Thank you for all of the years and hard work you have put into making this great product. God Bless you!
Liam Filson, Pennsburg PA

(Cramp911) lotion works so extremely quickly for muscle spasm pain, (within seconds), uses a tiny amount (a few drops) and brings such complete relief that it seems almost too good to be true, especially with the low price, considering how long it lasts. …It goes much deeper for deep muscle spasms like fibromyalgia.
Diane Houser, Retired Teacher, Nazareth, PA