Injury Related Spasm/Cramp Testimonials

I met Keith about a month ago while we were both working at Target Pharmacy.
He had left me a couple samples of “Cramp 911” to use if I ever needed to.
Yesterday, I used it for the first time. I applied to my shoulder after injuring it preparing for a crossfit competition. I have been in discomfort since I injured myself over 2 weeks ago, but once I applied the Cramp 911 there was no more pain or discomfort.
I had mentioned to Keith that I recently graduated from school where I had studied Film/TV Production. I unfortunately didn’t get a business card from him, but I wanted to let him know that if he ever needed any video’s for promotional use on the website, social media, or even commercials, I’d be happy to help out!
Thank you again Keith!
Nate LaBrusciano

… I had a blood clot in my leg 18 years ago and I get leg cramps. I came up to get a sample to see if it helps. To my surprise it really helps.
Tammy Boyer, Secretary, Allentown, PA
After total knee surgery, I sometimes get muscle cramps in my upper thigh. I’m trying to avoid prescription drugs, for many reasons, and I’ve found Cramp911 works 98% of the time. I will keep it on hand always.
Janet Grederick, Retired, PA