Cramping and Spasm Instructions For Use

Cramping instruction information for you, the customer and patient, to fully understand the uniqueness of this product.  After you have read this content and you are left with more questions that we were not able to answer, please feel free to call our office at 1-800-696-1490.

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General Instructions

  Adults and children 12 years and older… remove outer cap, apply to entire muscle, not just the site of the Leg Cramp or Muscle Spasm and spread out

   Repeat application in 15 minutes if needed

   Be sure to cover the whole muscle, the spasm may be coming from a different area of the muscle NOT where the pain is (please scroll down for anatomy pictures)

  If no improvement after second application or if symptoms return, see a doctor

  Close cap tightly. There may be leakage after closing cap from a wicking effect

  Children under 12 years old consult a doctor

  Please refer to our FAQ for more detailed information

  No need to use a lot of Cramp911, a little bit goes a long way. Just one or two swipes is all that is needed. Be sure to spread out over entire muscle.

  Cramp911 package labeling

Things To Consider When Using CRAMP911

Application Methods and Handling

There are certain issues to consider when handling, storing or traveling with Cramp911

Please make sure you tighten the cap securely

If your cap is not tighten securely you may get a wicking effect and the liquid may run out of the bottle.

Tighten all bottles before boarding an airplane

The change in pressure may cause leakage. Just in case of leakage store in plastic bag.

Bottle should be kept at room temperature

If Cramp911 is kept in warm or hot area the liquid will expand which may cause leakage

Liquid Will Thicken In Cold Temperatures

If Cramp911 is cold it may be difficult for liquid to adhere to roller ball applicator

Remove moisture from skin before application

If there is sweat on the skin the oils from your skin will act as a barrier and prevent Cramp911 from absorbing properly

There is no need to over-apply Cramp911

A light application is all that is necessary to achieve results

Spread Over Entire Muscle

A little bit of Cramp911 goes a long way


The human body has about 650 muscles, and those muscles are made up of fibers that allow the muscle to shorten and lengthen, allowing you to move. Those muscles are attached to your bones by tendons and that is how you get joints to move. However, you do have 3 different types of muscles skeletal, smooth, and cardiac. Your body is so complex and your muscular system is just one of your body’s systems that allow you to function.


Neck Spasms

Apply to the neck plus the upper back from the spinal column out to the shoulder blade and to the bottom of the shoulder blade. The muscle on one side will usually feel tighter than the opposite side if the pain is on one side only.


Occasionally, the muscle cramp or muscle spasm will not be relieved when Cramp911 is applied directly to the area
If that is the case, it will be necessary to apply Cramp911 to the nearest muscle. For example, if the foot or toe is cramping and direct application is not effective, then apply Cramp911 to the front and back of the lower leg and rub in. Similar directions would be used for a hand cramp. Cramp911 would be applied to the forearm and rubbed in.


Cramp911 can be applied directly to the muscle pull to help relieve muscle tightness and improve mobility.