Leg Cramp Testimonials

I’ll be ordering more. -This product works for my poor spouse ! I’m ordering a bottle to put in every location that’s practical.. When she gets a bad cramp – she can’t walk or move !!! So I want her to have one in easy reach.
PS— My Spouse says her leg problem isn’t just ‘cramps’ — it’s severe spasms…But the Cramp911 helps!!! I originally got it at Wal-Mart -but of course, when I went back to get more — they had stopped carrying it..Probably the old dodge that people weren’t buying it…
Raymond Glaser, Naples FL

Satisfaction with Cramp911:
The older we get, the more cramps we get and I can honestly state that I could never survive without Cramp911 today.  Just last night I cramped so severely that I could barely make it to the bathroom to apply Cramp911.  Once it was on I hobbled back to bed, fell fast asleep and woke up never ever knowing I had a cramp the night before.  Thank you as I really appreciate a product that works as advertised.
Marie:  You certainly have my permission to use my name in any testimonial for Cramp911.  When I feel strong about a product be it good or bad, I want the company to know.  I recommended your product to all my friends.
Len, Wheatland, CA

I suffer from leg cramps and have for years, I saw this on an informational one night, and I thought i had spend untold $$$ on items for leg cramps and nothing ever worked. So I bought this and with in a week I had a leg cramp that went down the leg into my ankles – I grab the Cramp 911 and it was relief within a minute. I could not believe it. I ran out and went to the drug store to more some more but the only bottle they had was the one for $35. I didn’t buy that one I bought another one that was suppose to do the same thing.
Well the other night not only did I have a cramp in one leg, but it struck both of my calfs and the cramp traveled down into my ankles. I was sitting on the edge of my bed in tears sobbing, grabbed the other tube and it wasnt until I used 1/2 the tube(7 oz) and 20 minutes later before I had any relief (only slightly) – It was at that time that I had decided that Cramp 911 was worth what ever they wanted to charge for it. That next day I went and bought the largest bottle I could find – I do not go anywhere with out it especially when I travel. Highly recommend this product !!!!!! Have told as many people as I can about it and everyone from Flight attendents to housewifes have all called thanked me for recommendation it was the first relief that they have had in years — RECOMMEND IT HIGHLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You – Mahalo
Gail Bigford

I walk and stand on my feet all day at work. I get severe muscle cramps in my legsfrom just moving the wrong way. These are horrible and the pain is beyond belief. I can not get up from a sitting position putting weight on my legs, I have to push myself up, if I tried to stand straight up, I will get the cramps. I keep Cramp911 with me at all times. When my store is out of it, I go to the nearest store that carries it and I stock up. I do not think I could survive if it wasn’t for Cramp911. I am so grateful that I found this products years ago, if I could give the person who   discovered this wonderful medicine a big hug and a big kiss I would. Thank you so very, very,very much.
Pattye, Tennessee

I LOVE CRAMP911!!! I have leg cramps sometimes just from sitting and pills and massage did not help very much – the cramps always came right back in a little while. With Cramp911 – I got relief the first time I tried it my cramps were gone for the rest of the day and all that night! Amazing! I am already telling my friends about it and I just bought it fri nite. keep up the good work!!
Nancy, Virginia

I have suffered from severe calf cramps for more than 30 years and couldn’t find anything to relieve the pain. I saw the television ads for Cramp911 and decided to give it a try. I had to call you firsthand and tell you what a wonderful product you have created. It works and I couldn’t be more appreciative. I am willing to tell the world about how great your product works!
Joe S., Union Bridge, Maryland

I have used your product for over 1 month and it is the only treatment that has given me relief from SEVERE leg cramps. I call it a miracle. I highly recommend this product and you can use my name as an endorsement.
Rosemarie Z., New Jersey

I have suffered from severe leg cramps for a number of years, to the point of lying on the carpet, and just about crying, while yelling in pain. Several times I almost had my wife call 911 for the EMT’s. I have tried many “remedies.” I saw your product advertised on TV, and thought, why not try it. Sure enough Monday night, I had one hellish cramp in my left foot. I immediately grabbed the Cramp911 bottle, and started rubbing in back and forth over the cramped left foot. The cramp miraculously and almost immediately went away. I simply couldn’t believe it! I won’t be leaving home without the little bottle in my pocket. My congratulations to the Pharmacist that developed this product. (edited for length)
R. Thomas, North Carolina

I wanted to thank you for the Cramp911 tip. I’ve used it a few times on some small incidents and it seemed to work, but Thursday night after a long up and down grind all day, I got a beauty in my left thigh as I got off the couch. Then it hit the other leg. Grabbed the Cramp911 from the end table drawer and after a minute or two they were relaxed enough to move. The great thing is they don’t come back every time I bend my legs like they used to. I just wanted to share my appreciation for your help.
Neal W. Virginia

I am a nurse that has had leg cramps most of her teen and adult life. The kind that wake you up and send you yelling through the house. I saw your add and decided to try it. I ordered the first bottle off the internet from a CVS pharmacy. I fell instantly in love with the product, best thing since chocolate.
Elaine, Montana

Cramp911 – This is fantastic on leg pain. I have been suffering for 3-4 weeks. I used this last evening and had my first restful night’s sleep. Thank you for a wonderful product. You should market more so others can share the relief I am feeling today. Thanks again. My pain relief has amazed me. I would want others in pain to give this product a try.
Rebecca, Maryland

Love this product! Nothing else worked for me before on my leg cramps with the exception of using hot compresses. Now I only need to roll on Cramp911 and within seconds my cramp goes away.
Marie in Brooklyn NY

I had been a firm believer in Hyland’s Leg Cramp Cream UNTIL I used your sample on a nasty cramp in my calf. I got Quick Relief and without dealing with a messy, white, thick CREAM. I’m hooked on your product!
Jack Litzenberger, Allentown PA

After not being able to even stand up to reach for the phone to call my friend because of a cramp in the upper part of both of my legs, and at 68 saying, please Lord take me now, I came to your pharmacy. This had happened three nights in a row. I was afraid to sit or lay down. The pharmacist gave me a sample of (Cramp911) and I carry it with me. It worked by God, it really worked and I am ever so grateful!
Jean Wertz, retired, Allentown, PA

As soon as the leg cramp started, rubbed some lotion on and the leg cramp went away. Best lotion for leg cramps I’ve tried.
Carol Ahner, CSR, Walnutport, PA

These drops really work. Both my dear wife and I suffer with night cramps. NOT ANY MORE. Just a drop or two at the most, removes the pain of the night cramps in seconds. We are glad such an item is on the market. Stop by, see the bottle on your night table. Don’t question this product. USE IT! IT REALLY WORKS.
Dr Leonard E Shupp, Retired, Whitehall, PA

I got a leg cramp in my thigh and used your lotion. Works Great!
Jason Kern, Construction, Orefield, PA

I have used this product for leg cramps. I could not believe the results this product has given me. Leg cramps were gone in a short time.
John Lazor Jr, Retired, Schnecksville, PA

This product is absolutely amazing. I experience severe leg cramps in bed, I immediately apply (Cramp911) and within minutes I have relief. I cannot believe that this works so well.
Eileen Gloss, Customer Service, Allentown, PA

The night I received (Cramp911) I had a terrible bout with leg cramps in my right leg. It started in my upper thigh and went all the way to my lower calf including behind my knee. …the pain was so bad it brought tears to my eyes. … I put on a very small amount of the lotion in the worst areas and within 30 seconds I could walk again and the pain was gone completely. As far as I am concerned this lotion is a real miracle. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who gets cramps. Thank you very much for this miracle lotion.
Charlene Holland, Custodian, Bangor, PA

This compound has helped with my Calf cramps in the middle of the night, and also my husbands knees during long drives. Thank you and I would recommend this to try for leg cramps for sure.
Sue Parry, Restaurant, Orefield, PA


It really works quickly for my leg cramps!!
Isabel Mosser, Retired, Slatington, PA

(Cramp911) is the most effective product I have found or used. I have suffered leg cramps of excruciating intensity from time to time and after applying the lotion I have found complete relief in a matter of minutes. I try to never run out. I would and have recommended this product to friends.
Richard Sirota, Route Driver, Allentown,PA

For many years I had severe leg cramps at night due to neuropathy. About 4 years ago my niece, who is a nurse, recommended your product. When I get the leg cramps, I apply your product (Cramp911) and within 5 to 10 minutes they disappear. Now I can get a restful night’s sleep. I keep a bottle on the nightstand by my bed. Thanks so much for your product.
Linda Geedy, Orrstown, PA

Leg cramps have been a torment to me for years. They are very severe and painful. Most times they could last for 15 to 20 minutes. With this product, after the leg cramp starts and I put the (Cramp911) on they are gone in a matter of a few minutes. It’s Great!!
Holly Pupka, A/R Manager, Tamaqua, PA

Being a baker, I have had severe leg cramps , cramps in my feet, hands and arms for many hours, and many nights in a row. The fastest, most lasting relief I have found is(Cramp911).
Phyllis LaFollette, Baker, Orefield, PA

Cramp911 is great. Every time I sit for long periods of time I get leg cramps. I used it last Sunday after a night at the casino, helped instantaneously. Just before I came over my friend (a truck driver) had a foot cramp. He said as soon as he rubbed the ball of his foot he didn’t even need to massage it in and the foot cramp went away.
Lori Drake, Waitress, Orefield, PA

I get severe leg cramps in my thigh muscles, especially after working several days. When I apply (Cramp911) at the onset of a leg cramp it prevents it from becoming full blown. The leg cramp was relieved after a few minutes.
Joan Marie Boyle, Registered Nurse, Walnutport, PA

This product works well and it works fast. Within seconds, leg cramps are relieved. It works on hand cramps too. Great product.
Brenda Reinert, Publication technician, Whitehall, PA

After using (Cramp911) for about four weeks, I am getting fewer leg cramps. When I get a leg cramp I rub in (Cramp911) and it is gone in a few minutes.
Stanley Kokolus, Retired farmer, Coplay, PA

Excellent product! My leg cramp was completely gone in less than 30 seconds after applying this product
Thomas Chormiak, Schnecksville, PA