Life Changing - Testimonials

This product has saved me many hours of pain and sleepless nights. As I age it hurts more to exercise vigorously but its the exercise that keeps me healthy. Your product has improved my overall health by making it possible to keep going as long as I want.
Thanks from a chemist who wishes he’d thought of this idea.
Lee Roudybush

Good Morning,
I just wanted to let you know I wrote a testimonial on Facebook around Christmas time about cramp 911.. You may share that where ever you would like.. I spent two years in pain and when through test after test, saw doctor after doctor and no one could figure out what was wrong with me, and wouldn’t give me anything for the pain. The pain was so bad it took a week or two out of every month where I could do nothing but lay in bed and cry. I tried researching it my self but nothing I came up with would work, then one day my sister gave me a bottle of cramp 911, I rolled it on my right side where I am having all the pain and it took it away back to where I could function  again I could do everything and anything with out limitations which was really wonderful.. I just wanted you to know how much I just love this product and how it changed my life around, I feel like a real person again.. I would recommend this product to anyone! Thank you Cramp 911
Erin Janda

What you see is my elbow with a Coranoid Fracture, no surgery, no cast. Dr. said just therapy, move it up and down or it will lock. My muscles were cramping tight, very hard to move.  My husband had Cramp911 in the medicine cabinet. Every morning, I rub a little on my muscles and allows me to do my therapy with ease. I had a follow up with Dr. yesterday, prognosis 100 percent recovery and I am ahead of schedule because he said I’ve been forcing movement back….. I couldn’t have done it without Cramp911.
Pascale Skaf Saliba, Fountain Valley, CA
Pascales Saliba elbow fracture and Cramp911

Hi! I would just like to thank you for creating this wonderful product! My Dad has gotten charlie horses for as long as I can remember. He umpires baseball, referees football, and golfs. He is getting older and these activities bring on the cramps even worse now. He heard about Cramp911 and thought he would try it! What a relief! If he feels a cramp coming on, he rubs it on and, just like that, its gone!! I bought him a small one to carry with him to his sporting events in case he gets a charlie horse during the game or afterwards on the way home. He loves this product and I really appreciate the relief it offers him! Thanks again!!
A daughter from Pittsburgh, PA

Hello, I have been using Cramp911 for about six months or more. I can’t hardly live without it. I keep it on my bed side table so that when cramps hit I hit back with Cramp 911. Please don’t ever take it off the market. Best I have found for leg cramps. A BIG THANK YOU again.
Billy A.

First, I love the product. I am currently trying to lose 40 lbs by July 1st. I have muscle cramps which make me not want to go to the gym. Once I apply the Cramp911, I immediately feel better and it makes me want to work-out. This is my own secret weapon. Second, how do I get the bigger bottle? I looked on eBay and other sites. I don’t see it out there. Third, I have a lot of friends who are retired baseball players. You should get them involved. I am sure they could help with the MLB influence. Great product. Before I read it the first time, it healed itself very quickly. My girlfriend was shocked that it worked so fast. I can’t say enough…you made my life easier.
Chad C.

I am so grateful that I found this product. I have been recommending it to all my friends. I had some epidural shots in my lower spine and the doctor grazed the nerve with the needle. As a result, every night I was having extremely painful electrical muscle spasms in my calves. I felt like I was being electrocuted. I had them every night for three months. Ever since I started using Cramp911, I have not had any more leg cramps at night. If I get a cramp during the day, I apply it and the cramp immediately goes away. Those muscle cramps were so bad, so debilitating. They were making my life miserable. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am that I found something that will prevent them.
Lynn P., Alabama

I do not recall writing about a product before unless it was to complain. This is no complaint! Your product, Cramp911, is absolutely great. I recently purchased it, thinking why not give it a try since I have tried everything else, including Quinine pills. I have been in horrific pain with leg cramps for years. I have unhealed fractured vertebrae, and have broken many bones over the years and know excruciating pain. Leg cramps are the most painful for me. I am telling everyone about Cramp911. It is the ONLY thing that has ever worked for me. And to think I hesitated over paying $10 or whatever the price was for the small bottle of Cramp911! In a nutshell, it is liquid GOLD!! Thank you, thank you thank you. You have saved me untold years of pain. Sincerely, Pat
Pat B., Maryland

I heard about Cramp911 from a great and effective TV commercial. I think that Cramp911 has literally changed the lives of folks who suffer from cramps, lose sleep, etc., (including myself) and there should be much, much, much more marketing and advertising. The folks I shared with, including family members, had never heard of Cramp911. It is very clear to me that with the high level of quality your product merits, there should be shouting from the rooftops about it….I want to say that it has – literally – changed my life.
Raffaela T., U.S.A.

” My comfort zone was much improved when I started using Cramp911. I suffered with leg cramps for some time finding very little relief until I found Cramp911. I keep it in my night stand beside my bed, close at hand. Also carry it in my purse, always close for sure. I also give Cramp911 as Christmas presents and introduced friends to this great product. All pleased and wouldn’t be without it. ”
Marion Greenwood, Schnecksville, Pa.

I have suffered from muscle cramps and spasms since a car accident in 2009 and currently under a doctor’s care. I was offered a sample from a pharmacists when I went to pick up a prescription. I tried and to my amazement, received relief for twelve hours which allowed me to do tasks I wasn’t able to do previously. I also plan to use as a preventive measure since I am quite active in gardening, exercising, and walking and will get muscle cramps from these activities. I try to take herbs and vitamins instead of prescribed drugs and was thrilled this product is homeopathic. It was a plus when I was able to use a coupon that was in my local newspaper. I will be a loyal customer of Cramp911, this product has been a life changing event for me and I’m very happy to be a testimonial for others who may suffer from muscle cramps and spasms.
Jeanne, State College. Pa.

Hi Gary, I met you last week at the Walgreen’s in Lancaster. We talked about your product, and I told you I would get back to you after I tried. At the time I talked to you about my Fibromyalgia and the muscle knot behind my shoulder blade that has been there 7 years, since a car accident and arm injury. Well…I am in total amazement. After just 3 uses, over about 6 days, the knot behind my shoulder blade is gone. As a result, I have increased movement in my shoulder. For the first time in 7 years, I am able to get my arm straight up, above my head. I never believed that I would regain that much movement in my arm, and neither did my doctors. Cramp911 has also relieved the general achiness in my upper arm. As for the Fibromyalgia, I have been able to use it on my shoulders and neck to relieve the soreness and muscle tightnessin those areas. I also rubbed it on my hips and experienced relief from the Fibromyalgia pain in that area. I did it all with only 3 sample packs. Wow! My only question is…Where can I buy Cramp911 in the Lancaster, York area??? I see I can order it on the internet, but I don’t think I want to wait for the shipping time. Tell your pharmacist friend that I am very thankful for his ability to create a great product.
Donna Deutrich, Ministry Assistant

“I just wanted you to know that for the last 7 years I have spent going from doctor to doctor, taking all kinds of tests and can’t begin to tell you the medications that they have given me. It had gotten to the point where I figured that I was never to have a pain free night of sleep (if that’s what you call what I got at night). When I would go to bed at night and try to sleep I had tightness in my lower leg, like someone was twisting it and the only relief I had was to get up and walk. As long as I walked I was good. A friend of mine saw your article in the Atlantic City Press on 11/17/08 and called me to tell me about it because at this point in my life I just gave up trying to find an answer. I read your article and called and got a large tube. I tried it the first night on just one leg and honestly felt a difference. The next night I didn’t use any and could feel the difference in my other leg that I used in on the night before. The following night I used in on both legs and it was amazing. I slept five whole hours without pain (sometimes the pain was so bad that when I was too tired to get out of bed, I would have finger marks on my leg from holding it where it hurt). The nice thing is to, that in the morning when I get up after I used Cramp911 the night before my calf muscle doesn’t make me cringe when I touch it like it did before. I just wanted to THANK YOU from the bottom of my HEART for letting me know that I’m not crazy, like I was beginning to think I was.”
Andrea P. Atlantic City, NJ

The other day I had to go to the store and I rub (Cramp911) on my legs before I left and I could do all my shopping. Most of the time I have to leave the store before I have everything because of the muscle spasm pain.
Loretta Thompson, Retired, Orefield, PA