Multiple Sclerosis Testimonials

Suffered from MS muscle spasm pain for fifteen years, nothing had helped with the terrible muscle spasms associated with this disease. Tried everything possible but had no relief until Cramp911. Saw ad in the Feel Good Catalog in July and ordered. After one application and receiving relief I knew I found a miracle, I don’t even need to massage into the muscle, the spasm goes away with one swipe. I’ve been using this product ever since and will continue. Sad I can’t get it in a bigger bottle.
C.M., Massachusetts

Your product is awesome! I have remitting and relapsing MS and as a result I have chronic pain syndrome since being diagnosed 21 years ago. I realize how fortunate I have been considering I have had MS for 21 years. The pain I experience varies from moderate to severe and has been difficult to treat with medications. I have tried numerous prescription medications with many side effects that are ineffective in treating MS pain. I read an article in the Morning Call several years ago first introducing Cramp911. I decided to give it a try. It helps a great deal with no side effects whatsoever! Finally I have pain relief. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Sherrie M., Allentown, PA

I have been suffering with muscle cramps and spasms since being diagnosed with MS. I was given a sample of Cramp911 by the pharmacist to try. I was surprised at the relief it gave me. Nothing else has ever worked for it. I apply it at bedtime and I get relief for 4 to 5 hours. Thank you very much for this product.
Louise Iannuzzi, Easton, PA