Muscle Cramp Prevention Testimonials

Hi Marie:
I just spoke to you on your 800 number. My name is Shawn F. from NW Ohio. I am a very satisfied user of Cramp911. I suffer from severe muscle cramps usually in my thighs. On the advice from my primary doctor, I started taking a magnesium supplement. This therapy helped significantly. However, I still would sometimes awake to a severe muscle cramp. I found your product at a local Walmart and tried it. It provides relief in a few minutes. I tell my customers and friends about Cramp911. Thank you for making this product available.  Thank you for your time and attention.
Shawn F. from NW Ohio

Harvey, a 75-year-old gentleman from Atlanta, Georgia recently called the DelCoreanteam to report his excitement firsthand. He has suffered from frequent leg cramps and knee pain for more than 25 years. After seeing Cramp911’s recent television ad, he decided to give it a try. He went to his local Walgreens to purchase Cramp911. At first, he had a little difficulty finding it, because his local store was just introducing the product and the store associates had some trouble directing him. Harvey was persistent and continued to visit Walgreens until he found it in the “Pain & Sleep” section. After trying Cramp911, Harvey was so impressed that he called DelCorean directly. In his words, “Wow! What a great product!” Harvey does a lot of traveling and is prone to leg cramps, so he is using Cramp911 as a preventative measure as well as a remedy for when his leg cramps and knee pain reoccur. He says he is recommending it to everyone he meets – including the people that he swims with daily. Story told to Cramp911 team via phone interview, March 2011
Harvey C., Atlanta, GA

“I’ve suffered from muscle spasms in my hip and couldn’t get any relief. I tried several types of products to get a good night sleep but nothing worked. I would try to walk it off but that also didn’t work. Recently I purchased a small bottle of Cramp911 and used it before I went to bed. I was able to finally get an entire night of sleep without pain from a muscle spasm. ”
Lynnette, BC Canada

I’m getting story after story of how the Cramp911 is helping my athlete friends. I ran a 7 mile route that was hard, hard uphill trail run (plus the hard downhill return) and I usually get calf cramps…used Cramp911 prior to the run and never heard a peep from my calves…continues to work great for me!
Steve Elwell, Phoenix, AZ, Triathlete & Group Fitness Instructor

After using (Cramp911) for about four weeks, I am getting fewer leg cramps. When I get a leg cramp I rub in (Cramp911) and it is gone in a few minutes.
Stanley Kokolus, Retired farmer, Coplay, PA

I have used (Cramp911) for a few years, mostly after a leg cramp has started. Recently I am using it more as a preventative for muscle cramps and it is very effective.
Jack Marth, Master Scheduler, Coplay, PA

I apply before going to bed to prevent night leg cramps. It works wonderfully. I did rub it in when I was having a leg cramp during the day, within 2 to 3 minutes the cramp and the pain subsided. I have already recommended this product to some friends, it really works.
Larry Bonito, Dowingtown, PA

I used (Cramp911) … and it did alleviate the pain immediately. I don’t know if it designed to keep them away but I have not had a leg cramp since.
Norma Grammes, Coplay, PA