Muscle Cramp Testimonials

Hi, I just found out about your product for muscle cramps. My mother used it for the first time last night and was completely AMAZED how FAST it stopped the pain. I talked to her this morning and she was super excited and she emailed me a link to your website. As I was searching your website I found a link saying that it works on fibromyalgia pain as well?? Can you tell me more about that and do you have any samples and pamphlets about your products you could send me? I am 34 years and was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia earlier this year. My younger sister who is 29 was diagnosed this year as well and I have two acquaintances who I found out have fibro as well. So any information you could send me that I could give them too would be very, very much appreciated!! Thank you in advance for your help.
Lisa Lux, Fredericksburg, TX

I manage and play guitar in one of the top Country bands in New York state, (COUNTRY EXPRESS) playing 60 plus jobs a year in NY, NJ and PA. For the past few years I have had problems with cramping in my hands during the shows, sometimes so severe that I could not chord the guitar and had to stop playing. This was very embarrassing to say the least. I saw my doctor and was given quinine tablets. I used them sparingly and they worked well, except for the fact that I began having severe, debilitating side effects, almost every time I used them. I then tried everything I could find to help with my problem, to no avail. I realized that my career as a musician might well be over, and then I found Cramp911. I bought it and tried it at the next gig. I was totally overwhelmed. When the cramping started I took a break, applied 911 and amazingly the cramping went away within a couple of minutes and did not return the whole evening. I am never without Cramp911 when I play now. Also I had a sever cramp in my lower leg the other night, applied 911, and within seconds the cramp was gone. Believe me, this stuff really works ! Do yourself a favor and try it. Rob Laing, Mgr.
Rob Laing

My daughter in Allentown sent me a sample of (Cramp911) . I thought it surely could not help me. But I was awakened with a muscle cramp from my toes to hip on my left leg and foot to knee on my right leg. I applied the liquid all up and down where there was real pain and to my astonishment the muscle cramp eased. How great to have quick relief.
Gloria Phillips, Retired, Tulsa, OK

Cramps in my feet and ankles stopped almost immediately.
Mary Reinert, Quality Assurance, Allentown, PA

(Cramp911) works, It gives relief of pain from muscle cramps. When I go on vacation it goes with me. I carry it on my camper and it will always be by my bedside. It is a true blessing when I am in need.
Grace Knappenberger, Walnutport, PA