Peripheral Neuropathy Testimonials

I first purchased Cramp 911 about 2 years ago at the Weis Pharmacy in Wellsboro, Pa. I had tried many different rub and roll on products. I saw Cramp 911 and purchased it with skepticism thinking “well, might as well, nothing else works.” Much to my surprise I had rapid relief. I even shared the product and results with my neurologist.
I give you my permission to use my testimonial. I hope that this product is always available because each year is a little harder for me and I am a firm believer in natural medicine. This product is true proof that natural medicine can be very effective. If I could ever do anything to help promote this product, feel free to contact me. Thank you for responding to my comment.
Corinne Hilfiger

For many years I had severe leg cramps at night due to Neuropathy. About 4 years ago my niece, who is a nurse, recommended your product (Cramp911). When I get the leg cramps, I apply your product and within 5 to 10 minutes they disappear. Now I can get a restful night’s sleep. I keep a bottle on the nightstand by my bed. Thanks so much for your product.
Linda Geedy, Orrstown, PA

I have a long history of back problems, beginning 35 years ago. I have had many surgical procedures, including 2 laminectomies, a spinal fusion and 2 spinal cord stimulator implants. During one of my early diagnostic procedures, spinal cord nerves were severely damaged. This has caused periods of mild to severe neuropathic pain which radiates to my toes. At times, muscle spasms accompany the neuropathic pain. I take oral medication to try to alleviate this pain, but at times, they do not seem to work very well. Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night with pain, causing sleep to be difficult. I also suffer from Fibromyalgia, causing various pains and muscle spasms. … (I used Cramp911) one evening when I had increasing pain in my legs before going to bed. It actually worked! The pain immediately began to decrease, and I slept all night, without waking up in pain as I usually did!
Sandra Cobb, Allentown, PA

In addition to peripheral neuropathy, my legs cramp frequently and the muscle spasms are particularly painful during the night. I would spend many sleepless nights if it were not for the wonderful therapeutic effectiveness of (Cramp911) roll-on. I keep one on my bedside table and carry one in my purse so I am always prepared to use it. Thanks for having such an effective product for your customers.
Janis Bealer, Bethlehem, PA

I’ve used (Cramp911) for 2 years. It helps so much with leg cramps at night and with my peripheral neuropathy.
Joyce Feege, Homemaker, Hellertown, PA