Pharmacy Testimonials

As a pharmacist and independent owner, my customers depend on my recommendation of over-the-counter products. There’s always the question when a new product comes out, ” Does it work? ” Since we have had it in our pharmacy,Cramp911 has had an extremely positive response! Based on my personal experience and backed up by my customer feedback and the amount of repeat buyers the answer is simple, Cramp911 works for leg cramps and muscle spasms!
Allentown, Pa/ Pauline , Medicap Pharmacy

At Newhard Pharmacy, we take pride in giving our customers our best advice. We like to test products before recommending them. Since we could not personally test Cramp911 without leg or muscle cramps, we decided to offer free samples to all customers interested in the product. The results were astounding. Every customer that accepted a free sample of Cramp911, came back to our store to purchase product. They were thrilled with the results and now swear by it. That was enough for us to feel comfortable recommending Cramp911 for any customer with muscle cramping.
Debra Bachman, Newhard Pharmacy

We at Walters Pharmacy are very pleased to be selling Cramp911. Our pharmacy had offered our customers a free sample that had been made available to us. The response has been remarkable. Not only have our customers’ returned to purchase Cramp911, but also word of mouth has generated a number of phone calls and new traffic into our pharmacy of individuals trying to locate the product. One aspect of being in business for a long time is that your customers have become vocal on the positive and negative of products we offer. Cramp 911 has been received with high praise on the effects of this product and would be readily recommended to both individuals as well as pharmacies.
Gail Cortright, OTC Manager, Walter’s Pharmacy